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About Us


Who We Are A little about us


Looking for a quiet relaxed Café experience right in the middle of fast pace life in Petone, Wellington. Well, for all those coffee lovers out there, we invite you to Workshop Café, located in the heart of the city. Workshop Cafe is a modern day bistro recognized for their sophisticated interior, great aromatic coffee and mouthwatering dishes that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

The main reason Workshop Café stands out among all the other bistro in the Wellington city because of its true service to the valuable customers. Here we offer the best type of coffee that is chosen by the experts to provide you the finest brew coffee experience. Workshop also takes utmost care with food menu. All the dishes are made by using fresh ingredients on daily basis and handled by expert’s chefs to provide you ultimate food experience

The best part about our Café food is we make sure that our menu serves the requirement of Meat lovers, Vegetarians and Gluten intolerant customers. That’s why out menu includes five grain dishes. Good healthy is utmost priority for most us thus our most of the breakfast dishes are designed to give you all the nutrition required to lead good day. Workshop Café is the best place to enjoy an intimate dinner or hold a special event for group of people. All you need is just contact us and our team of professionals will do every possible work to make your event a great success.

Next time, when you want to just stop and experience the city’s sound and life alone in solitude or with your old friend, we would like you to come at elegant Workshop Café to enjoy a magnificent dining experience.